The communication model between a microservice, its sidecar (irrespective of the deployment model) and the target microservice is shown below:

Communication between app and sidecar

When you want to make API calls to other microservices from your application, you should call the sidecar at localhost:6379. The format of the API call is http://localhost:6379/serviceName/endpoint

where the serviceName is the service name that was used when launching the target microservice (the A8_SERVICE environment variable), and the endpoint is the API endpoint exposed by the target microservice.

For example, to invoke the getItem API in the catalog microservice, your microservice would simply invoke the API via the URL: http://localhost:6379/catalog/getItem?id=123.

Note that service versions are not part of the URL. The choice of the service version (e.g., catalog:v1, catalog:v2, etc.), will be done dynamically by the sidecar, based on routing rules set by the Amalgam8 controller.

Note: You can enable HTTPS between microservices by customizing the Nginx config files in /etc/nginx/amalgam8-services.conf. For more information on setting up HTTPS with Nginx, please refer to the official Nginx guide