The Amalgam8 Control Plane is the management layer that provides a cohesive view of the microservices in the application and how they are communicating with each other. It consists of two multi-tenant services:

  1. Route Controller manages how requests are routed across microservices via the Amalgam8 Sidecars. Routes programmed at the controller are percolated down to the sidecars periodically. Routing rules can be based on the content of the requests and the version of microservices sending and receiving the requests. In addition to routing, rules can also be expressed for injecting faults into microservice API calls.

  2. Service Registry provides a centralized view of all the microservices in an application, regardless of where they are actually running. To simplify integration of microservices that are already using other service registries, Amalgam8 service registry provides a plug-in point for adapters that can automatically pull in information from other service registry solutions such as Kubernetes and Netflix Eureka.

Please refer to the following subsections for more details on how to setup and operate the services in the control plane: