By default, the Control Plane services operate in a single-tenant mode without any authentication. In multi-tenant mode, the registry and the controller support two authentication mechanisms: a trusted auth mode for local testing and development purposes, and a JWT auth mode for production deployments.

Single-Tenant Mode

In single-tenant mode, there is no authentication header required in the API calls to controller or registry. Any rules created in this mode are applied to all sidecar instances polling the Amalgam8 controller and registry.

Configuration Options: This mode runs by default and requires no additional environment variables or command line flags be set at run time.

Multi-Tenant Mode

In trusted and jwt, an Authentication header is required for all API calls to the controller and registry. The header must be in the form Authentication: Bearer <TOKEN_VALUE>. Any rules created will be mapped to the particular tenant associated with the provided Authentication header.

Trusted Authentication

Trusted authentication is intended for use in local testing and development purposes. The tenant namespace is retrieved directly from the Authorization header. This provides namespace separation in a trusted environment (e.g., single tenant with multiple applications or environments). Therefore TOKEN_VALUE can be arbitrarily set by the user to any value.

Configuration Options: Enabled by the following environment variable:


JWT Authentication

JWT authentication is intended for production environments. The TOKEN_VALUE is the tenant’s namespace value encoded in a signed JWT token claim.

Configuration Options: Enabled by the following environment variables (both must be specified):


JWT Token Generation

JWT tokens can be generated and validated at


  "alg": "HS256",
  "typ": "JWT"


  "exp": 1501184124,
  "namespace": "mynamespace"

The Payload can contain additional properties in the JSON but it must contain the two above minimum. Choose an "exp" time appropriate for the desired level of security. After this date/time, the token will no longer be valid.

Verify Signature: Insert the A8_JWT_SECRET into the field here.

Admin JWT Token

When JWT authentication is enabled for multi-tenancy, an administrator token can be used to access information for any tenant namespace using the following steps:

  1. Generate a token using the process above with "namespace": "admin"
  2. Send the generated token from Step 1 in the authentication header: Authentication: Bearer <admin_token>
  3. Send the ID for the desired tenant namespace in an additional header: A8-Namespace: <namespace>